The gateway to business in Latin America

Due to its ease of doing business, talent, quality of life, strategic location and logistical development that allow access to the large regional market, Uruguay is chosen by companies around the world to develop their business in the region.

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Political alternation

In the last three decades, the main political parties have alternated in government, and over the course of successive administrations, a long-term commitment to political and social stability has been consolidated. Indeed, the country leads the region and the world in indicators of democratic quality, transparency and control of corruption.

Economic stability

On the basis of this strong stability, Uruguay is pursuing a stable and prudent macroeconomic policy, which is reflected in the longest period of economic growth in its history. In the coming years, growth is expected to continue, driven mainly by improved investment and competitive conditions for the export sector.

Investment security

Uruguay is a country open to foreign investment and the different governments reaffirm the commitment of the country, which stands out in Latin America for offering confidence to investors, clear rules of the game and attractive promotional regimes for companies. Foreign direct investment (FDI) has been playing an important role in the increase of investment, and currently represents 4.9% of Uruguay's GDP, much higher than the average for Latin America (3.4%). Among the main origins of FDI are countries in the region such as Argentina, Brazil and Chile, but also Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

Investment promotion

The country has an investment promotion law that guarantees equal treatment for local and foreign investors. Individuals and corporations may set up businesses without having to comply with prerequisites or obtain special permits from the Government. It also does not require a local counterpart.

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