Champions in football and in life

Many wonder why Uruguay, a country of three and a half million people, is an undisputed phenomenon in world football and a factory of football stars.

Uruguay is one of the most developed countries in Latin America, a leader in equity, digital inclusion and technological progress, and also a world football legend.

The inhabitants of Uruguay, a country that prides itself on its secular roots, may have only one religion in common: football. No wonder, since its national team, popularly known as “the Celeste”, is one of the most successful in the history of football.

One of Uruguay’s first achievements was winning the 1930 World Cup, held in Montevideo, the country’s capital. The Centenario stadium in that city was built especially for the tournament and today houses the Football Museum.
Uruguay also made history in its second Cup, at the Maracana in 1950, against Brazil. In fact, the use of the term “maracanazo” became generalized to define an away sporting victory in a final in which they were underdogs and with all factors against them.

Twice winner of the Olympic Games and winner of the gold cup of world football champions, Uruguay did not invent football, but it did invent the Olympic lap and is the country that has won the most America Cups, with a total of 15 titles.

Uruguay is also third in the Americas in player exports, behind Brazil and Argentina, according to the International Football Observatory, but is the world’s leading exporter of football talent per capita, according to FIFA data.

Small but bold, Uruguay thinks, lives and breathes football, beyond gender, profession, social status or age. And just as it has impressed the world on the field, it has also converted amazing goals in the economic, social and political fields, becoming a South American country coveted by foreign investors:
First in Democracy, Peace, Transparency and Low Corruption. First in IT development and Internet penetration and download speed, first in sustained growth in Latin America, in quality of Port and Road Infrastructure, as well as in national electricity supply and 95% based on renewable sources.

Through its perseverance, ideals and confidence, Uruguay has achieved feats in the “most beautiful sport in the world”, as well as in development, democracy, health and education, quality of life and the environment. Conquests that Uruguay cares for and respects, just like the jersey.

Ph. Fernando Carballo

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