Citrus fruits, protagonists of Uruguay's fruit exports for their good taste and high quality

Citrus fruits account for almost 85% of Uruguayan fruit exports and stand out for their advanced traceability system, which offers guarantees from their origin.

Agro-intelligent technology

The introduction of agro-intelligent technology in Uruguayan citrus production allows consumers to access information on phytosanitary elements, nutrition and risk, among others. Uruguayan citrus has the added advantage of entering European markets in the off-season.

100% traceability

International insertion, certification programs, research and development, as well as social sustainability, are the pillars that support Uruguayan citrus production. In its commitment to reliable food production, the country has developed advanced traceability systems that guarantee the natural and safe origin of its produce. Currently, 100% of citrus plantations are geo-referenced.


Oranges, mandarins (including tangerines and satsumas), lemons, limes and grapefruit grow under the sun of the northern coast of the country. The temperate climate favors the early ripening of citrus, resulting in fruits of the highest quality and flavor, which enables them to enter the most demanding markets.


In 2020 Uruguay exported 81,134 tons of fruit for a value exceeding US$ 70 million, of which 44% was destined for the United States, followed by the European Union with 33% of total exports. The main export destinations for Uruguayan citrus are the United States, the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, and Italy.