Uruguay, the largest dairy producer in Latin America

Uruguay is a green and natural country, ideal for milk production due to its respect for nature and strict animal welfare standards. Uruguayan milk is healthy, pure and natural, and is produced according to the strictest international standards. With a strong tradition, its production is linked to Uruguayan history. Nowadays, the milk reaches high productivity and international prestige.

Natural meadows

In Uruguay, cattle graze year-round on natural pastures, which represent 5% of the national territory. Thanks to natural conditions and production efficiency, the price of milk in Uruguay is among the most competitive in the world.


In addition to price and an environmentally friendly production system, the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology and large production capacity are other comparative advantages offered by the country.

Dairy exporter

Along with Argentina, Uruguay is the world's largest dairy exporter in the region. The main exporting departments of this product are San José (36%), Florida (30%), Durazno (9%) and Río Negro (8%), where the milk that feeds more than 20 million people in the world is produced.

80 countries

In 2020, dairy products ranked fourth in exports, with sales of USD 648 million, representing 8% of total exports. In 2020, Uruguayan dairy products reached more than 80 markets worldwide. The main export destinations were Algeria, Brazil, China, Russia, Cuba and Mexico.