Uruguay, a global benchmark in food safety

Inhabited by almost three and a half million people, Uruguay provides food to 30 million people, with the potential to reach 50 million. It is one of the most highly valued food producers in the world for the quality and safety it offers.

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More than half of Uruguay's exports of goods correspond to food, which demonstrates the importance of this sector and the confidence of buyers who legitimize it as a producer and exporter.
Uruguayan products are currently on the tables of more than 150 nations, such as China, Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Algeria, the Netherlands, Egypt, Peru, the Russian Federation and Turkey, among others.

Natural resources

90% of Uruguay's land surface is suitable for agricultural use and its production is the result of the natural resources at its disposal, to which innovation, talent and design are incorporated in production processes that ensure the protection and care of the environment.

Sustainable production

In fact, the country has regulations that aim to have sustainable agricultural production systems, as well as plans for the responsible use and management of soils to prevent and control erosion and degradation. Its native forests, of enormous ecosystemic value, are also protected areas by law.

Formality rates

It leads Latin America's formality indexes, allowing its goods and services to integrate an ethical dimension in their processes. These and other reasons make Uruguay the best ranked among emerging countries in ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) factors according to the index prepared by JP Morgan (J-ESG).

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