Uruguay, producer of delicious, natural, premium quality honey

Without the use of repellents, toxic residues or contaminants of any kind, Uruguayan honey is produced according to sustainable practices. The traceability of the product, together with a long exporting tradition, are some of its competitive advantages.

Worldwide prestige

Uruguay exports its natural honey to markets such as Spain, the United States, Germany, Austria, France, Poland and Portugal, among others. In 2020, natural honey exports reached US$ 31 million and 63% of total exports were destined mainly for Spain and the United States.

100% traceability

The mandatory registration of all Uruguayan beekeepers allows controlling the location of apiaries, achieving 100% traceability. In addition, Uruguay complies with all the standards required by the European Union and the United States.


Uruguay produces a great variety of types of honeys, with unique characteristics and unalterable quality. During the spring, citrus honey is obtained, recognized for its amber color and smooth, fresh flavor. The honeys from the meadows and native forests are darker and have a flavor with more character and complexity. In the Uruguayan summer, the flowering of native, aromatic and healthy plants begins, which generate lighter and exquisite honeys. Autumn brings honeys from the eucalyptus forests, known for their intense aroma and pronounced flavor.

Favorable climate

The favorable climate, large extensions of fertile land, basins, meadows and natural forests enriched by vast areas of melliferous flora, make natural beekeeping production possible while preserving the environment. The location between 30° and 35° latitude is beneficial for the development of beekeeping, an activity in which Uruguay has achieved excellence since 1963.