A technological revolution in little more than a decade

Uruguay is a world-class business center, which has made remarkable advances in technology. It has exceptional Internet connectivity and penetration and is the most advanced Latin American country in ICT development, as well as the largest per capita exporter of software in South America and the third largest in absolute terms.

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The production of IT companies in Uruguay increased from US$824 million in 2019 to US$1,912 million in 2019, a figure that represents close to 3% of GDP.


In recent years, the sector has shown strong dynamism, growing well above the rest of the economy and reaching export destinations such as the United States, which represents 74% of total foreign sales, the United Kingdom, Argentina and Mexico, which are also important destinations.

Technological advances

Technological progress, combined with a very favorable environment for business development in the form of modern export-oriented free trade zones, first-class technology centers and attractive benefits and tax exemptions for the ICT sector, also make Uruguay the number one in Latin America in e-Services.

5G Network

Uruguay is the first country in Latin America and the third in the world to begin the deployment of a commercial 5G mobile network. In terms of e-government, it also stands out worldwide and is part of Digital Nations, a group of ten leading countries in technological development. It is also ranked second in the Americas in the E-Government Survey, a United Nations ranking on the effectiveness of e-government.

Special Report: ICT Sector in Uruguay


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