A country to live in

A regional leader in freedom, democracy and quality of life, Uruguay is an innovative, culturally diverse and cosmopolitan country that combines Latin American passion with a strong European influence.

Cultural affinity, a hospitable disposition and an open and tolerant nature make this South American country an exceptional destination to work, invest, study and live.

Safe and stable

Traditionally safe and stable, Uruguay also invites the enjoyment of a more leisurely and simple lifestyle, owner of a nature that combines miles of pristine beaches, majestic hills and vast expanses of countryside.

Leading-edge legislation

The country has historically been at the forefront in the enactment of laws that promote equal rights, reflected in an advanced legislation. In terms of labor, it guarantees foreigners the same rights as nationals, Uruguay is a perfect destination to bet on professional growth, with competitive salaries and facilities to access the labor market.

Technological infrastructure

Chosen by more than 1,400 international companies to do business, it offers a window of possibilities to work towards the world. Its developed technological infrastructure, wide Internet reach and high connection speed are just some of the competitive advantages that have made it the business hub of Latin America.

Business destination

Ease of doing business, institutional strength and a battery of specific incentives are combined in the country with a legal framework that promotes innovation. It is also an exceptional platform for testing ideas and starting a global business. With access to an extended market of great potential, it is the gateway to the continent, and thanks to its scale and availability of qualified and multilingual talent, it is the perfect place to develop an innovative project.

The country had an excellent management of the COVID-19 health crisis, and avoided the collapse of its health system during the hardest stage of the pandemic. Uruguay offers universal access to healthcare for the entire population and stands out for being the country with the most doctors and intensive care beds per capita, according to the “Panorama of Health” report – 2020.

Montevideo, the Uruguayan capital, has also been recognized year after year as the city with the best quality of life in Latin America. Beaches, public parks and green spaces that invite recreation, and an invaluable cultural and architectural heritage, are part of the secret of the southernmost capital of America, home to a growing number of foreigners who choose to settle there permanently.

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