Uruguay, a premium meat producer

Uruguay has a deep-rooted tradition in meat production and a long-standing exporting culture, factors that position Uruguayan meat products in the premium range in the world. The country stands out for its animal health protection, which guarantees food safety and contributes to public health and sustainable development.

Natural meadows

In Uruguay, cattle are raised in the open and fed with fresh grass in natural pastures. Modern extensive cattle farming is the method of rearing, something that allows for high quality production and responsible care of biodiversity. In addition, no hormone or chemical treatments are applied to cattle in Uruguay.

100% traceability

Uruguay has important initiatives in food safety, including the traceability of 100% of cattle, an experience that has been implemented for a decade and contributes to the public good by adding value to production and positioning the country as a global benchmark. This initiative is innovative and revolutionary worldwide, as it incorporates technologies without altering the traditional livestock production system and leads consumers to choose delicious Uruguayan meat.

60 countries

Uruguay currently exports to almost 60 markets, including China, the European Union, the United States, Israel, Brazil and Japan.

Halal certification

Uruguay is certified halal, which guarantees that the product was prepared and processed in accordance with the precepts of the Koran.