Viña Edén

Viña Eden, the perfect combination of wine tourism, sustainability and quality

The internationally recognized Uruguayan boutique winery is committed to expanding its export volume and strengthening commercial ties in Arab lands....

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Ph. Fernando Carballo

Quality tourism for everyone

Uruguay, a country with open doors to the world, offers diverse landscapes, as well as a varied cultural, artistic, gastronomic...

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Business delegation accompanies Uruguayan president to Expo Dubai

The official mission, which will include the participation of the country’s chambers, associations and companies, will also celebrate Uruguay’s National...

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World architecture concentrated in a single country

With a diversity of styles and an avant-garde character, Uruguayan architecture has generated throughout its history works of immense prestige...

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Sembrando Program inaugurated stand at Expo Dubai 2020

Lorena Ponce de León, who leads the program to promote entrepreneurship in Uruguay, participated in the activity. The wife of...

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Champions in football and in life

Many wonder why Uruguay, a country of three and a half million people, is an undisputed phenomenon in world football...

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Uruguay held a tasting of its outstanding wines at Expo Dubai

The country is a recognized producer of premium wines, which are exported to the most demanding markets in the world....

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Uruguayan amethysts are internationally recognized for their quality.

The intense violet-colored gemstones are on display in the Uruguay pavilion at Expo Dubai. Uruguay is a producer and exporter...

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Uruguay’s rights-rich Uruguay attracts the world’s attention

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Uruguay has been a pioneer in social, educational and civic initiatives and to...

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