Why invest in tourism?

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), four out of every five international trips originate in the same region. Uruguay is strategically located on the Southern Cone of the continent. One hour from Buenos Aires and two hours from Asuncion, Santiago de Chile and Sao Paulo, the country has an important potential as a tourist destination in the region.

Foreign exchange generator

Tourism is the main foreign exchange earner in Uruguay. With revenues in excess of US$ 1.8 billion, it generates more foreign exchange than the country's traditional exports.

Tourist arrivals

Uruguay is the first country in South America in number of tourists received based on its population. In 2016, 3,328,450 people visited the country, representing 98% of the population.


Tourism in Uruguay has gradually gained greater participation in the national product. In 2015, tourism activity accounted for 7.1% of Uruguay's GDP and generated close to 110,000 jobs.


According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), over the next decade international tourism arrivals to emerging economies, such as Uruguay, will grow at twice the rate of advanced economies and by 2030 developing economies will account for 57% (versus 45% in 2014) of total global arrivals.

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