Visit the Uruguayan pavilion

Uruguay’s pavilion is located in the Opportunity Wing of the Universal Expo.

Visitors to Uruguay’s pavilion will find a free circulation space with an exhibition of premium export products such as olive oil, honey, merino wool and leather garments and accessories, among others.

At its wine bar, the country will offer tastings of its wines, recognized worldwide for their character and premium quality.

Visitors will also be able to appreciate the traditional Uruguayan amethysts, stones originating in the north of the country, of intense violet color, which can range from a few kilograms to more than 10 tons.

In the football corner you will appreciate the display of Uruguay’s historical objects, including a replica of Obdulio Varela’s jersey and the World Cups won by the country.

Through a giant screen with augmented reality, those present will be able to interact with players of the Uruguayan national soccer team and try to convert a penalty kick.

Upstairs there are offices and meeting rooms available for Uruguayan businessmen and entrepreneurs who need to coordinate their business activities.

Uruguay is presented there as a business center in South America and a reference in agro-intelligent production, technologies and clean energies. Under the slogan “Test Uruguay” will invite attendees to learn first-hand about its essentially innovative character, with qualified talent and open doors for those who choose it as a place to live, work and invest.

Ph. Fernando Carballo

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Uruguay, a country with open doors to the world, offers diverse landscapes, as well as a varied cultural, artistic, gastronomic and sports offer. Tourism is becoming increasingly important as a

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